We do not want you to come to your meals at fixed hours like in a standard hotel, you are on holiday, so sleep in if you want, have dinner when you get hungry or if you’re only peckish have a cheese platter with a good bottle of wine. We do not want to have lots of food left over from a breakfast buffet or evening meals. We do not want you to bring a car full of microwave meals from your home supermarket. We want you to relax and enjoy the difference. So, what do we offer instead?

Your holiday house has a cozy dining room with a modern kitchen corner. We provide you a list of seasonal local produce with prices. You tick on the list what you would like and give us this list the day beforehand. This way you will get fresh produce and can prepare breakfast or another meal as you wish when you wish.

"But my wife can't even boil an egg?" No problem, we have a fully ready breakfast basket to offer you, with freshly boiled eggs from free range choocks, and a handful of other goodies and a thermos flask with coffee or tea.
"But my husband always burns the meat on the barbecue?" No problem, we can prepare a barbecue for you. We will make fire and grill meat, cheese and vegetables together with you at the barbecue pit in the garden. Just let us know in advance what your wishes are.

"And what about vegetarians?" We can offer quite a few meatless beauties. Please remember that we try to enjoy the best of what every season presents us, so our “menu” changes with what’s available in that particular season. Ask us beforehand what we can offer.

Your hostess and host enjoy the Bourgondian lifestyle, and also preparing the food. Ask us about the local specialties in season. Tell us what your favorite foods are. We can prepare you a fabulous signature dish, delivered at the holiday house. Please ask us at least a day in advance, good cooking asks good preparation.

Once you have spent a few days in Gyimes you will understand that this mountainous region with its traditional farming methods is unique. By buying local seasonal produce directly from the farms you help to preserve the region and its traditions. It also limits the packaging material, waste and carbon footprint due to transport. Have another glass of home brew palinka and CHEERS to the local farmers!    

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