Crottin is a traditional goat cheese made by the shepherds in the Provence region in France. It is a cheese so creamy that it melts on your tongue. It is ready to eat after 2,5 weeks of maturing, but if you like a stronger flavor, than take one of 5 weeks maturing.

Fresh goat cheese with herbs
The fresh goat cheese a soft cheese that can be spread on bread. We offer them plain or rolled in herbs. We use several herb mixes, pepper, basilicum, chives, ground nuts or edible flowers. This cheese is also lovely in combination with berry jam or honey.

Goat kefir
It is coming up in the supermarkets nowadays, goat kefir. But what you buy in the supermarkets has usually 30% cowmilk. Goat kefir tends to be very runny, that is why they add often gelatin to industrial made goat kefir. But who cares that it is running, no need for a spoon, just drink our refreshing natural goat kefir from a glass. Tastes great with a little rubarb jam stirred in it.

Goat milk
Of course, we can also supply the fresh milk. It digests a lot easier than cow’s milk, it is healthy and said to be curing a range of diseases and allergies. You can drink it fresh cold, or warm with honey or cacao, or simply put it in your coffee.

Goat ricotta
Ricotta cheese, locally also known as orda, is made of the whey after the cheese is made. It has a lovely sweet creamy taste. It can be consumed sweet and put in many pie recipes, or consume it as savory in a creamy spread to put on bread.

Halloumi, also known as grill cheese. The favorite cheese for every barbeque lover, a tasty alternative as vegetarian hamburger, or grilled cubes in your salad or soup. This salty fresh goat cheese is originally from Greece, but now also from Petrinzel, with love.

Matured cheese with nettle
This cheese follows the same recipe as our plain matured cheese, but we have added nettle to it. The nettles are picked in spring when they are fresh. Nettle gives no strong flavor to the cheese, but it has healing effects known to local people who often make nettle tea.

Matured cheese
Our matured semi hard cheese has an age of minimum 3 months and a natural rind. We create the natural rind and flavor of the cheese by rubbing the cheeses with a brush drained in a mixture of whey and cheese cultures.